Why have a Student Voice?

  • A Student Voice benefits the whole school
  • It gives pupils a chance to express their views to the staff of the school
  • Pupils can have an input on important decisions
  • Pupils develop confidence and communication skills

At Sunnyside Spencer Academy the school has an elected student voice. The councillors are elected by their peers on an annual basis and represent them at regular meetings identifying issues and ideas that will help to improve different aspects of school life. Student Voice meets monthly to raise and discuss matters and to share progress and outcomes of the student voice meetings.

There is a council notice board in each classroom for pupils to refer to and suggest ideas.

The council have engaged in a number of initiatives, supporting Governors in the selection of new staff, identifying the charity that they would like to support for the academic year and organising a fundraising event and suggesting activities and ideas for themed events such as the Jubilee. They have a small budget to spend for which they need to determine best value for the all the pupils in school. They report to Governor's meeting once per term and the minutes of the meetings are displayed in the front entrance of the school.


Job Descriptions:


  • Use the agenda to run the meeting
  • Read out apologies
  • Make sure all representatives who want to speak do so
  • Approve minutes from the previous meeting
  • Ensure the meetings follow the protocols


  • Deliver copies of the minutes to all representatives prior to the next meeting
  • Record the names of those attending the meeting and those who are absent
  • Take notes representing the discussion held in the meeting and the decisions made


  • Attend all the meetings
  • Make suggestions for change
  • Give feedback to their class
  • Have lots of ideas
  • Take on jobs in order to get things done

 In July 2015 we asked a number of children to take part in a survey about school. The survey results can be found here.